We sold out all of our tickets in 12 hours. Amazing! We’re so excited that you’re all so anxious to attend!

But you might be feeling a bit bummed that you missed out. So what can you do?

  • Check back to this page occasionally – if someone requests a refund for some reason, the ticket will be made available for sale.
  • Follow the #wclax hashtag on Twitter and/or Facebook. Someone who purchased a ticket might not be able to use it, and there are usually a few tickets up for grabs in raffles and contests as well.
  • Apply to speak, sponsor, or volunteer – we have tickets in reserve for speakers, sponsors, and volunteers.

Best of luck to you and hope we’ll see you at WordCamp LA this year!

Sorry, but there are currently no tickets for sale. Please try again later.

27 thoughts on “Tickets

  1. How many attendees are expected? It says there are only 16 tickets left and I only got this notice today. Just wondering how small or large this event is going to be!

  2. It looks like I’m taking myself on a date… Actualizing the vision; my vision. My first WordCamp; it’s the vision of WordCamp Central that motivated me to take action to be #10 of the last 10 remaining tickets. Thank you Natalie MacLees for the “heads-up email”.

      • Natalie, I REALLY don’t understand why, if the event sold out within 12 hours, you do not get a larger venue/space at Cal State so that more people can go. There should be enough time to do this. Please advise if you do, so that I may purchase tickets. Thank you.

        • Mary,
          We certainly appreciate your enthusiasm and understand your frustration. Unfortunately we don’t have much wiggle room within our budget. Hopefully next year we’ll have a larger venue and a higher attendance cap.

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