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Adam Silver

Adam Silver is new to the organizing team this year. Adam has his own WordPress maintenance service, ConciergeWP and also has a popular podcast, KitchenSinkWP.

Greg Douglas

Greg Douglas is new to the LA planning and organizing team. He runs the Hollywood WordPress meetup. He’s also created the look and feel of WordCamp Los Angeles in 2014 and 2013.

Nathan Tyler

Nathan Tyler is a peach, a swell guy and a super-human WordPress developer. His Avatar is a pig. When he’s not busy fixing other peoples’ slipshod code, he can be found watching proper football and complaining about the slipshod code that took hours to write, but only minutes for him to fix.

Natalie MacLees

Fellow organizer, and lead organizer for WCLAX in 2014 and 2013. She owns Purple Pen Productions, is the chapter leader for Girl, Develop It! Los Angeles and thinks cats are the worst co-workers.

Alex Vasquez

Alex Vasquez is the lead organizer of WordCamp Los Angeles, 2015. He’s probably never looked at this page. What a dork!

Running List of Credits

WordCamp LAX just wouldn’t happen without our team of volunteers who pitch in to help. All of our speakers travel at their own expense and speak as volunteers, and then these folks are helping out behind the scenes:

  • Bernice Lee – Speaker Dinner
  • Sé Reed – After-party Tom-foolery
  • Blossom Wright – Something important, really really important.
  • Ryan Cowles – Smart-alicky commentary and CSS chops on this here site.
  • Roy Sivan – Helping us out with the WCLAX Speaker Reviews Website.
  • Bridgette Willard – If you’ve been reading our social media stream, no doubt you’ve seen Bridgette’s chops at work! She’s our Minister of Propaganda (Social Media) this year.

Undoubtedly this list will fill up with other awesome superhero volunteers as WCLAX nears.