Get to Know Your Local Community: Karen McCamy

2a05ff5A lot of people that attend a WordCamp do so for the first time, in the case of LA, we find more folks attending for the first time than those who are returning attendees. Cool stuff, right? I think so, too! So I’d like to tell you all about Karen McCamy, she’s a swell person who educates a swath of people at her WordPress 101 group. Any skill level is welcome, but she really shines in helping people just finding their way in using WordPress.

I haven’t known Karen all that long, but I usually hear her name mentioned at some point, or see her at a local WP event. She’s a wonderful resource that people rave about on and on!

So if you happen to be one of those people looking for a light along the way as you learn WordPress, definitely reach out to Karen and attend her meetup group. You’ll be glad you did!