Get to Know Your Local Community: Hollywood WordPress

Continuing our blog posts about the LA area WordPress community, I bring you the Hollywood WordPress meetup group, headed up by the incomparable Greg Douglas! His hair is almost as cool as my own, but he’s got a soothing voice, and business acumen for days! Yes, days!!

Mr. Douglas is the agency principal of Premium Interactive and co-found of Arc-Ctrl as well as one of the guys behind Code Cavalry, a service that connects web professionals to people who need a little bit of help.

The Hollywood WordPress discusses a lot about building your own consultancy or pushing your business forward using WordPress. That’s one of the things I love about these meetups, they’re all a little bit different and have their own voice and personality.

Greg’s a wonderful moderator who gets the most out of his guests for his attendees. Be sure to check out the meetup details here:

2 thoughts on “Get to Know Your Local Community: Hollywood WordPress

  1. Hollywood WP is great! Greg Douglas is design-focused, while co-organizer Greg Madore handles video-recording every session, and all of the requisite post-video editing and posting to the website! The “2 Gregs” (as I call them) compliment each other very well. They both have their own freelance WordPress businesses, so they can — and do — share their real-world insights with those just entering the field of having a WordPress business!

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